We aim to produce the latest grafted fruit seedlings free of viruses for the local market as well as for export. All material such us root stock & varieties come from reliable suppliers in Israel under the strict supervision of the Israeli ministry of agriculture. The nursery is located in Debre Zeit & Addis Ababa. We utilize state of the art technology, Advanced drip irrigation systems & shade net.
We provide our clients with the following services
  • Pre Transplanting farm design & block size
  • Recommendations for the irrigation systems required
  • Pre Transplanting instructions
  • Growing protocols
  • Linking between the farmers & the global market.
  • Helping farmers in setting up modern packing houses that meet international standards.(Global gap)
  • Opening up of markets & post marketing & sales follow up consultancy & management services. (Under separate agreement)
Gilboa seeds & seedling agri PLC have strong links to breeders in Israel & international seeds companies. We contract growers all over Ethiopia providing input such as "Mothers seeds", growing protocol & follow up until seeds extraction.
We have gain a lot of experience in dry paprika production all over Ethiopia. For the last few years we have exported paprika out of the South Omo River, Afar, & Upper Awash. Potentially we can accomodate up to 3,000 tons of dry paprika per year.