• Our aim is to grow & sell wide range of grafted fruit seedling free of viruses, with maximum adaptation to the various climate & soil conditions available in Ethiopia.
  • To provide Ethiopian farmers with fruit production knowhow starting from soil preparation, throughout growing protocols, up to harvesting & packing of the fruit under international standards.
  • Allowing less experienced & skilled farmers, as well as mordern farms to have access to the latest variety of fruit seedlings with much better yields & resistance to soil borne diseases.
  • In addition, we wish to put ethiopia on the global map as a vegetable seeds & paprika producing country.
Our past experience
Debre Tabor/ Nifas Mawcha
third year of collaboration with ORDA organization. Supplying of apple seedlings and follow up consulting on high land fruits production
Were illu/ Dessie Zuria
collaboration with the regional government in setting of technology transfer center based in the center of high land fruit producing area. all training & seedlings are provided by Gilboa seeds. Farmers are organized in clusters allowing proper monitoring of the
Menz Mama
collaboration with the regional government in setting of technology transfer center based in the center of high land fruit producing area. all training & seedlings are provided by Gilboa seeds.
Debre Birhan
in collaboration with USAID/ MASHAV project setting of high land fruits nursery. Providing all root stock and grafting material of Apple, peach, Plums, Grapes & Citrus. Complete design of the nursery and two years training on all aspects related to the activity in the nursery.
Flintstone engineering Addis Salam
10 hectares of apple farm . Complete irrigation design as well as the layout of the farm, providing the project with apple seedlings followed by two years of consultancy.
Private Sector
150 Ha Turnkey Project
Avocado Project
Yoram Perets
Owner & General Manager
An Israeli entrepreneur involved in farming activities in Ethiopia for the last eleven years. Mr. Perets grew up in a farm in Israel. After managing the farm for serveral years he studied computer engineering but decided to stick to his passion & love agriculture & rural farming. Mr. Perets has already established four farms in Ethiopia. He is highly experienced in designing open field and greenhouses farms. Adaption of the farm design to the chosen crops include soil, climate, water & fertilizers requirements & the setup of modern irrigation systems. Mr. Perets has the experience & knowhow gained from many years of producing vegetables seeds, Fresh Herbs & fruit seedlings for export.
On board
Mr. Avi Dor On
Grapes Specialist
Mr. Dor On an owner of grape nursery & vineyard in Israel. The knowledge was carried on in the family for the last three generations. The nursery is known for its top quality wide range of grapes seedlings.
Mr. Shlomo Tesler
Apple & Highland fruits Specialist
Mr. Tesler is the owner of tesler nursery located at the Golan. The nursery provide temperate seedlings for the entire northen area in Israel. In addition, Mr. Tesler has gain many years of experience in setting of fruit nurseries in Egypt, Morroco, China, Tanzania & more.
Mr. Beni Zohar
Chief Agronomist
An Israeli Agronomist with 23 years of experience in the ministry of agriculture as a national advisor in the field of plant soil water relastionship. Following his activity in Israel, Mr. Beni becomes an international consultant. He manages the flowers developing project at Mackay Queensland in Australia. For the last 20 years, Mr. Beni was consultanting many projects related to vegetables, flowers & fruit production all over the world.
Mr. Shooly Rozen
Citrus, Avocado & Mango Specialist
Mr. Rozen is the owner of Beni Dror nurseries. The nursery provide wide range of citrus seedlings in addition to that, the family operate state of the art pack house exporting top quality fruits to the EU market.
Nursery Team